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Elizabeth Van Meter

A Letter from our Founder:

A few years back, I came to a crossroads in my life, like so many of us inevitably do. This defining moment was brought on by the sudden passing of my dear sister, Vicki. After the initial shock, I found myself drowning in grief and deep-seated feelings of guilt. I began to ask the question, if life is an expression of self, what am I saying with my life? I was lost, seeking meaning and searching for purpose. It was around that time, I found myself at a friend's home in Virginia, photojournalist Stephen Katz. There he showed me a photograph of Thao and told me about her simple request. I was haunted by this image. Was this the message I'd been searching for? What fol- lowed has been an incredible journey of love, sacrifice and the interconnectedness of us all. From these moments, The Purpose Project was born.

The Purpose Project is dedicated to searching out dynamic individuals here and abroad who are bringing forth positive change in their communities. We help these individuals achieve a dream, and in achieving that dream they are able to better the lives of others, creating a ripple effect of compassion and kindness. In reaching across to help someone else I found a life raft out of my own despair. In sharing this story, I hope to inspire others, who might feel like they have little to offer, to reconsider. As our planet shrinks, we realize more and more that we are citizens of the world, sisters and brothers in the human experience. It is The Purpose Project's goal to shine a light on those who are being of service to humanity with whatever gifts they have been given, igniting a passion for people helping people, reminding us all that together we can live lives of purpose.

Please take a look at our first project, Thao's Library, to learn more.

Thank you so much for visiting our site.

Most Sincerely