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About The Purpose Project

Mission Statement
The Purpose Project is an organization that seeks effective, dynamic individuals with a driving sense of purpose who, against all odds, are making positive changes in their corner of the world. Once these individuals have been located, we help them to achieve a dream and share their stories with a wider audience.

About Vicki

Vicki Van Meter, at the age of 10, dreamed of flying and she did just that, while setting records and inspiring those around her. After her sudden passing in 2008, Vicki’s sister Elizabeth created The Purpose Project in her honor.

Our First Project

About Thao

Thao is a 25-year-old Vietnamese woman born with severe life-threatening birth defects as a result of the defoliant Agent Orange. Nearly 40 years after the war, this deadly toxin continues to exact its cruel toll on a new generation of victims. Despite her crippling physical deformities, Thao has created a library for the children of her village from found and donated materials. When the photojournalist who captured the image below asked Thao, “If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?” Thao replied, “Three hundred dollars, so I could buy more books for my library.” Thao Dreams of one day expanding this library, allowing the less fortunate of her community a chance to broaden their minds through the secret world of books.